Replaceable Seat Ring

Semi-lug/Full lug Double Flange
NSJ series

The NSJ has an eccentric design. The dex series have a double eccentric design. Seat ring exchange is extremely simple and does not require removal of the actuator. 100% tight shut off up to 16 bar with the preferred direction of flow. The preferred direction of flow is indicated on the body. Applicable for all kinds of industries but specially designed as cargo or ballast valve.

General product specifications

  • Overall design generally in accordance to BS EN-593
  • Face to face dimension in accordance to manufacturer standard
  • Actuator flange and shaft end in accordance to ISO-5211
  • Working pressure from 0.1 bar absolute up to 25 bar (body test 32 bar)
  • DN100 – DN1200
  • Flange connection to JIS 5K, 10K, 16K, DIN PN10, PN16, PN25 or ASME class 150
  • Other executions on request
Suitable as end of line valve type for type NSJ/LT and NSJ/BA/BAL
Working pressure 0.1 Bar absolute to 25 bar (Body test 37.5 bar)
Mounting between ASME cl-150 DIN PNl0, PN16, PN25, Jis5k, 10k, 16k
Coating color: RAL (to be announced)
Corrosion Protection inside valve body
Ductile Cast Iron EN 1563-GJS 400-15
Cast Carbon Steel a 216 WCB
Ni/Aluminium Bronze AB-2 or to ASTM B148
Stainless Steel 316
NBR, EPDM VITON(FPM), CR(Chloroprene)
Ni/ Aluminium Bronze C95800 ASTM B148
Stainless Steel A743-CF8M and AISI 410
Ductile Cast Iron Rilsan Coated
Monel ASTM A494 M35
Duplex and Super Duplex
Stainless Steel EN 10088-3 1.4122
Stainless Steel (316L) EN 10088-3 1.14404
Monel K 500 BS 3076 NA18
Ni/ Aluminium Bronze EN1265
Duplex and Super duplex
Standard Coating Alkyd Primer 60 Mu Ral.. ..
Coating No2 1 layer high solid epoxy 80-100 Mu
Coating No3 1 layer high solid epoxy 80-100 Mu,
1 layer high solid polyurethane 60 Mu
Coating No3 1 layer high solid epoxy 80-100 Mu,
2 1ayers high solid high build polyurethane 140 Mu