Wim De Rooij, Manager for Advalco

Wim de Rooij

What is your experience in valve design and manufacturing?
I started working in 1973 for an English company Cockburns in service and sales. At that time, we repaired a massive pile of valves in the Marine industry. Cockburns was known for a high reputable butterfly valve.

Basically I learned the business and the technical knowledge from that period. I came in contact with high classified companies such as Dutch Navy, Shell tankers, BP, Mobil and many others. As a rising star on economic front the Netherlands needed a place where refineries, big vessels, big storage tanks and repair the vessels could work together. That new area was and is EUROPOORT. We produced thousands and thousands of valves for EUROPOORT.

And what was your next step?
After 7 years with Cockburns I got a chance to buy the company. Together with a colleague we bought the company.

And was the taking over a success?
We managed to build out the company to 75 people. Through the years we extended our valve range from Wafer, Mono, Lug type, Double Flanged and all types for Double Eccentric Valves.

Tell me more about this company.
Our factory included whole the facilities from design, production, selling and transport anywhere in the world. We were known for our engineered valves. Even we had our own vulcanization plant. We started also to produce the butterfly valves for the biggest supplier of Marine goods Econosto. As Singapore became a very imported hub for the Marine industry we started our own factory there.

And how did the company evolve?
At later stage we concentrate on the offshore industry and managed to become a major player for companies such as SBM, BW Offshore, Modec, Sembawang yard and others.

And then?
I retired in 2015. But not for long. I was asked to work for a Dutch supplier of Marine goods as a consultant. I have done this for 5 years.

And how you got into the UAE and to work with Al Yaseah?
Under Al Yaseah we are now setting up a complete new valve factory in Abu Dhabi. The valves will be fully designed, manufactured and tested in the UAE. For me this is the second time to help develop a new company. So it feels like home. I much appreciate the Abu Dhabi country and the people.

And what is the status?
We have the complete design and production of in place. We source the castings from UAE foundries, we machine the castings, assemble and test in-house. And we are producing as we are now speaking. At present we are already exporting our valves.